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Radio Use For Training Events
NIFC- National Interagency Incident Communications Division (NIICD) has seen an increase in problems related to improper/unauthorized/uncoordinated use of radio equipment and frequencies for training events. The problems are not just lack of coordination for equipment and frequencies issued from the NIICD, but also for local agency-issued assets and frequencies.

All radio equipment and radio frequency use for courses (classroom simulations, field exercises, course logistics, etc.) requires specific authorization and must be coordinated and assigned through the local agency frequency coordinator or the Communications Duty Officer at the NIFC- NIICD, as appropriate. Radio equipment and frequencies for training should be requested well in advance of course start date (at least two months) and shall be released/returned to the issuing entity upon course conclusion.

FEMA NIMS Training Information
Information has been added to the FEMA NIMS Training page to assist with the NWCG transition to use the NIMS training curriculum. This web page is a current and future source of information for NIMS guidance, FAQs, and helpful links as the process continues to be developed.

Wildland Fire Incident Management Field Guide
The discontinuation of the Fireline Handbook (PMS 410-1) and Publication of the Wildland Fire Incident Management Field Guide (PMS 210) has affected the reference material used for several NWCG courses. In addition to some references being changed there has also been a change to several exercises, quizzes, and test questions. To assist in identifying correct reference materials the NWCG Training Branch created a spreadsheet highlighting changes and directing instructors on where to find referenced information. In addition to the spreadsheet check the course updates page prior to instructing a course to ensure the most up-to-date information is being used.

Course Updates

Field Managers Course Guide

310-1 Wildland Fire Qualification System Guide

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