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S-130 and S-190 FAQ's and Information

Who can take this training?
Do not attempt this training unless you have been directed to do so by a wildland fire agency or fire department. 

This training is only available to those who are affiliated with an NWCG member agency (through direct membership or agreement) or a member of a fire department. If you are part of a local governmental agency please contact your State Forestry office to request their "sponsorship" for NWCG training. 

Does this training qualify me to fight fire?
No, you cannot fight fire until you have been considered qualified or ‘red carded’ as a FFT2 by a NWCG member agency or fire department.

For more information on how to become a firefighter, visit this page.
Seasonal Firefighter Positions
Permanent Firefighter Positions

Student Prerequisites
S-190 Prerequisite: None
S-130 Prerequisite: S-190

Instructor, Course Administrator and Field Day Instructor Requirements
S-130: Modules 1 through 12 – Course administrator must be a qualified firefighter type 1 (FFT1) Module 13, Field Day Exercise – Lead instructor must be a qualified single resource boss; additional instructors must be qualified as firefighter type 1 (FFT1).
S-190: Course Administrator must be qualified as a firefighter type 1 (FFT1).
If you are qualified by the standards above, you may serve as a course administrator. No permission from NWCG is required.

How much does it cost?
No cost for online course.
CDs cost .95 cents each and can be ordered here: http://www.nwcg.gov/pms/pubs/catalog/catalog.pdf

How can I access it?
CD- Ordering Information is located on the webpage for the course. 
S-130 CD webpage http://training.nwcg.gov/courses/s130cd.html
S-190 CD webpage http://training.nwcg.gov/courses/s190cd.html
Access to the online training:  http://training.nwcg.gov/online.html

Individual Students (computer based):
S-130: The S-130 course cannot be completed on the computer. Individuals can take modules 1-12 at any computer location.  When a student completes a module, they must print the certificate to prove completion.  Individuals must complete all required modules as directed before completing the field exercise.   
S-190: Individuals can take modules 1-3 at any computer location.

Classroom Use:
The training can be used to put on in a classroom environment.  Instructors must be qualified as an FFT1.  Use the CD or online training to direct the content (use like you would a Powerpoint) and instructors can supplement as needed.

How do I organize the Field Day?
You will need to complete a field day component that needs to be coordinated and facilitated by a fire department or wildland fire agency.
If your fire department or agency cannot facilitate a field day, contact your cooperators or local wildland fire agency to get assistance with organizing and facilitating a field day.Detailed information on the Field Day: http://training.nwcg.gov/courses/s130/508%20Files/s130_m13_508.pdf

How do I get a final certificate of completion?
The online and CD versions of the courses will produce module certificates upon passing the Challenge Review for each module.  Students must have a computer generated certificate(s) to turn into their course administrator or instructor. 
S-130: Final certification for the entire course will come from your field day lead instructor after successful completion of the field day.
S-190: Course administrators issues final certificate.
* (If you are taking S-130 and S-190 together, the field day lead instructor can issue both certificates upon proof of completion of required modules).

NWCG or NFA (National Fire Academy) does not issue certificates, provide course administrators, provide field day training, or issue red cards.  These must be obtained by your employing department or agency.  Certification for completion is only available from your employing department or agency.

Use of NWCG Certificates (from the Field Managers Course Guide p.9)
Students that successfully complete a course sponsored by a NWCG member agency will receive a NWCG certificate. This includes students who did not meet the course prerequisites but were allowed in the course due to agency specific policy or unusual home unit need. NWCG course completion certificates will only be issued to students completing courses sponsored by NWCG member agencies (for a list of member agencies see NWCG web site at www.nwcg.gov). Educational institutions, contractor associations, and non-member agencies will not utilize the NWCG course certificate unless their lead instructor is an authorized representative of an NWCG member agency.  Educational institutions or private training providers have the authority to issue certificates of course completion for NWCG courses, which bear the logo or insignia of that institution or company. All students are encouraged to keep their course certificates.

Ordering NWCG certificates:
NWCG certificates can only be issued by NWCG member agencies or NWCG sponsored affiliates. Order NWCG certificates.

Contact information
For technical assistance, visit this website: http://training.nwcg.gov/contact.html
For assistance with the course, contact a geographic area training location, available at: http://www.nationalfiretraining.net/geomap.htm#Primary%20Geographic%20Area%20Training%20Contacts

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