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Computer Hardware, Software and Other Requirements

Warning: Proper configuration of your Windows PC and/or browser is extremely important to avoid tracking issues with our NWCG online courses.  To avoid becoming frustrated, please take time to contact our help desk for configuration assistance.  Or if a classroom delivery is more suitable for you, sign up for an instructor led version. Click on the left menu item, "Training Delivery/Schedule" to locate scheduled classroom training offerings.

NWCG Online courses are developed for Internet Explorer 6.0 (or higher) and Windows based PCs which must have the current version of the software plugins listed below, installed and enabled in the browser. Other popular web browsers can be used, however, you still must install and enable the current version of the following software plugins in all browsers:

Adobe Reader:

Flash Player:


Note: The NFA Online learning management system supports Java 1.6 and above. NWCG Onine training courses require the current available Java to be installed on the student's computer.

Hi-speed IP network required: IP Connection Issues - NWCG has noted a trend with students accessing NWCG Online training hosted by the NFA Online over a satellite IP connection or the IP connection is slow (not hi-speed, low-latency network) resulting in student progress not consistently tracking or not tracking at all. Course progress not tracking is related to upload latency issues with the student's internet provider. Please consult your IP provider regarding latency issues experienced when online training progress data is uploading to the NFA Online server. (more....)

Mac OS X Settings:
Students have been able to access the NWCG online training using a Mac OS X computer and have successfully completed the online training. The following has been reported as the required software and plugins needed to access NWCG online training:

  • Lion OS X (10.7) or later (Note: earlier MAC OS versions are NOT compatible!)
  • Safari - Current Version
  • *Java for OS X - Current Version
  • Flash Player for OS X - Current Version
  • Adobe Reader for OS X - Current Version

Install and PC Setting Guides

For best results before logging into NFA Online, follow this sequence to ensure proper PC and Browser settings:

1. Install or re-install the current Java 32 bit version.

2. If your PC is a 64 bit system, also install or re-install the current Java 64 bit version.

3. NFA Online must be a Java trusted site:

4. Internet Explorer browsers require that NFA Online be added as an IE Trusted Site:

5. Your browser must be set to allow pop-ups from NFA Online:

6. Your browser must be set to "compatibility view" for NFA Online:

Note 1: IE10 and IE11 Browsers will work with NWCG online courses. The above settings must be accomplished for the online training to run and for progression to be tracked. These settings have worked on a Windows 8 (64 bit) desktop PC and on a Win8 Surface Pro 2 tablet (all install and setting changes must be accomplished in the "Desktop" view.)

Technical reason: If the student computer does not have the above settings, student progress will not be tracked in the LMS because your computer is not able to communicate SCORM calls back to the LMS server.

*Note 2: Java plugin software is critical. It is used for communications between the user's computer (client) and the NFA Online learning management system (LMS) server to track and record student progress. Without the current Java release installed on your computer, online course progress will not track and you will not be able to access course content, take exams or receive an NWCG online completion certificate.

Note 3: If your PC is a 64 bit system then both versions of Java (32 bit and 64 bit) must be installed and enabled for use by the browser.

Note 4: Flash Player plugin is critical for viewing media during the online training and must be the current available version.

Note 5: After you have logged into NFA Online use the "Check System" option in the upper right corner of the screen if any of the items are marked red your course progress may not be tracked.

Note 6: U.S. National Park Service employees who are running AFS3 on your Windows PC normally have "Shockwave Flash Object" disabled in the "Manage Add-ons" menu because it interferes with AFS3 running correctly. If your PC is receiving a Flash Player error message when accessing S-260, Interagency Incident Business Management (2011) through NFA Online, you will need to put in a ticket with NPS Help Desk requesting they enable "Shockwave Flash Object" under the "Manage Add-ons" menu and update, if needed, Java and Flash Player plugins.

Note 7: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service employees may not be able to access NWCG online training on agency PCs due to national FWS IT settings. Region 6's solution was to use Firefox instead of IE with the FWS IT approved Java version (64 bit) and install the current version of Java 7 (32 bit) versions on the Windows PC 64 bit system.


In order to track student progress and record data to the learning management system, use the "exit" or "next" button in the content screen. Do not use the "x" in the top right corner of the IE browser; module tracking data is deleted and not recorded in the Learning Management System (LMS). This is an Internet Explorer Browser Microsoft Security feature which cannot be hard-coded out of the courseware.