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Workstation Requirements

The NWCG NFA Online learning management system is an HTML 5 environment in which JavaScript communications is totally dependent on the users browser capability. If your progress does not track it may be due to incorrect browser settings or an incompatible browser. Browser settings are normally ​accomplished at the user level. If you work for an agency you may have to contact your agency's IT Department for assistance in configuring the browser to access the online training. These browser settings and plug-ins (which are to be in place before accessing the online training), are not seen or resolved by the NFA online system “green light” status.

Browser settings:

Plug-Ins that need to be installed:

  • Current version of Flash Player
  • Current version of Adobe Reader

Mac Users:

Tthe following has been reported as the required software and plugins needed to access the online training using a Mac OS X. If your progress does not track while accessing the online training on a Mac, you will need to switch to a Windows PC that is correctly configured:

  • Lion OS X (10.7) or later (Note: earlier MAC OS versions are NOT compatible!)
  • Safari - Current Version (Some users have reported they have a better outcome using Firefox)
  • Flash Player for OS X - Current Version - Adobe Reader for OS X - Current Version

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