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S-110, Basic Wildland Fire Orientation 2014

Course Description

Basic Wildland Fire Suppression Orientation is a video which provides essential information for individuals interested in wildland fire management. It may be used as a companion to S-130, Firefighter Training, and is particularly useful for indoctrination of non-fire management employees to the world of wildland fire. The video provides information on personal preparedness and responsibility, mobilization, incident procedures, proper clothing and equipment, and living conditions in wildland fire camps. The Incident Response Pocket Guide (IRPG), PMS 461, NFES 001077 should be provided to students at the time the video is shown.

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  • Provide new personnel and non-fire management employees with introductory information about wildland fire management.
Course Components and Hours to Complete

Course components

Hours to complete

Pre-selection assessment


Pre-course work


Online course module(s)

15 minutes

Instructor-led units (completed in a classroom)



15 minutes

Target Group

Personnel without previous wildland fire position experience.

Minimum Course Administrator Qualifications

A course administrator experienced in wildland fire must be available in person, by phone, or by email to assist the student during the completion of this course.

Course Prerequisites


Course Level


Course Access

To view the course, click on video below

Reference Materials

Incident Response Pocket Guide, PMS 461, NFES 001077

Certification Process

It is suggested that the course administrator become familiar with the video content. Because this 15 minute video is available online as a self-paced course, students and instructors/course administrators can view this basic orientation to wild fire suppression any time and from any device that is able to connect to and display internet content.  Further, to help determine if a student actually viewed the video, the course administrator should have a conversation with the student asking some questions about the video's content to ensure the student learned key points. Upon successful demonstration of the student's knowledge of the video,  the course administrator should sign a NWCG certificate of completion to present to the student.

FAQ Question: Where can I find a course administrator?

Answer: Through your agency or state fire staff. Students must be affiliated with an NWCG member agency (through direct membership or agreement) or a member of a fire department to be eligible to participate in NWCG training. If you are part of a local government agency please contact your State Forestry office to request their "sponsorship" for NWCG training.

If you are eligible to take NWCG training, contact your local fire training office or sponsor to request a course administrator. If you are qualified as a course administrator by the requirements set forth in the Field Managers Course Guide, no permission from NWCG is needed to fulfill that role.