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Course Description

This course meets the general training needs of all positions for which an understanding of interagency incident business management is required. The Interagency Incident Business Management Handbook, NFES 002160, is used as the primary job aid to supplement this course. It provides basic policy and direction for incident business management. 

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Given the Interagency Incident Business Handbook and/or the Fireline Handbook, students will locate and apply the appropriate regulations, established interagency procedures, and necessary forms for each of the following incident management areas:
  • Application of conduct and ethics in incident support
  • Recruitment, classification, pay provisions and timekeeping/recording, commissary, injury compensation, and travel
  • Acquisition
  • Managing and tracking government property
  • Interagency coordination and cooperation
  • Investigation and reporting of accidents
  • Investigating, documenting, and reporting claims
  • Containing incident costs
  • All risk
Course Components and Hours to Complete

Course components

Hours to complete

Pre-selection assessment


Pre-course work


Online training


Instructor-led training




Target Group

All ICS positions or personnel seeking knowledge of incident business management.

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Course Access

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Reference Material
Interagency Incident Business Management Handbook NFES 002160 PMS 902

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