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Pre-Course Work

Pre-Course Work is required for some NWCG courses prior to attendance to ensure students have the required prerequisite knowledge to succeed in that course. Do not attempt any pre-course work unless directed by your course coordinator or instructor for the course that you applied. Once being directed to do so, completing pre-course work does not qualify you for a position. Please follow guidance in the PMS 310-1 for information on how to qualify for fire positions.

'D' Dispatch Pre-Course Work
D-310 Expanded Dispatch Support Dispatcher (2015 Draft)
D-312 Aircraft Dispatcher (2009)

'FI' Fire Investigation Pre-Course Work
FI-210 Origin Cause and Determination (2005)

'L' Leadership Pre-Course Work
L-280 Followership to Leadership (2008)

'M' Management Pre-Course Work
M-410 Facilitative Instructor (2013)

'RX' Prescribed Fire Pre-Course Work
RX-301 Prescribed Fire Implementation (2009)
RX-341 Prescribed Fire Plan Preparation (2009)
RX-410 Smoke Management Techniques (2003)

'S' Supression Pre-Course Work
S-200 Initial Attack Incident Commander (2006)
S-203 Introduction to Incident Information (2008)
S-212 Wildland Fire Chainsaws (2012)
S-230 Crew Boss (2004)
S-236 Heavy Equipment Boss (2013)
S-244 Field Observer (2007)
S-245 Display Processor (2007)
S-270 Basic Air Operations (2011)
S-290 Intermediate Fire Behavior (2007)

S-300 Extended Attack Incident Commander (2008)
S-330 Strike Team/ Task Force Leader (2014)
S-336 Tactical Decision Making in Wildland Fire (2004)
S-339 Division/Group Supervisor (2006)
S-357 Food Unit Leader (2008)
S-371 Helibase Manager (2007)
S-375 Air Support Group Supervisor (2006)
S-378 Aerial Supervision (2009)
S-390 Introduction to Fire Behavior Calculations (2006)
S-404 Safety Officer (2013)
S-420 Command and General Staff (2002)
S-440 Planning Section Chief (2001)
S-445 Incident Training Specialist (2009)
S-470 Air Operations Branch Director (2013)
S-490 Advanced Fire Behavior Calculations (2010)