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S-390 Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior Calculations Pre-Course Work (2006)

Welcome to S-390, Introduction to Fire Behavior Caluculations Pre-Course Work.

In this pre-course work, you will review intermediate fire behavior concepts from S-290, and take a pre-qualifying test. The pre-course work and test consist of fire weather, topography and slope. The results of this test will qualify or disqualify your ability to take S-390. You must pass with a 70% or better.

1.Students will demonstrate knowledge of intermediate fire behavior concepts.

1. Review the reference material links below.

2. Print the maps listed below to use during the pre-course work exercises and tests.

3. When ready, click 'Start Tutorial' at the bottom of the page.

4. Upon completion, print your results and fax them to your coordinator and/or email the results. If you require a printed copy of the test, contact your course coordinator.

Reference Material
Fire Weather Handbook- A Guide for Application of Meterological Information to Forest Fire Control Operations (USDA)

410-1 Fireline Handbook Appendix B (NWCG)

Advantage Article- (FERIC 2004)
Article on firefighters travel speed as it relates to steep terrain

Aids to Determining Fuel Models-(NWCG 1982)
Handbook with graphics and descriptions of fuel models

Fire Behavior Nomograms- (NWCG 1992)
Blank nomograms

How to Predict Spread and Intensity-(NWCG 1983)
Publication reviewing procedures for estimating rates of spread, intensity, flame length and size of fires

Basic Land Navigation - (NWCG 2007)
Overview and review of maps and compass use

Safety Zones-(USDA 1998)
Article on safety zone specifications

Standard Fire Behavior Fuel Models-(Scott and Burgan, 2004)

MAPS: (print)
Topographic Exercise Map 1
Topographic Exercise Map 2
Slope Exercise Map
Hellroaring Map.pdf (Pre-Qualifying Test Map)

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