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RX-410 Smoke Management Pre-Course Work (2003)

Welcome to RX-410 Smoke Management Pre-Course Work.

In this pre-course work you will answer a series of questions about your state and air quality related to Smoke Management.

1. Students will analyze air quality regulations and programs that impact wildland and prescribed fire programs.

2. Demonstrate student proficiency to instructors.

3. Identify smoke senstive areas (non-attainment and Class I) within your state(s).

4. Students will read the Smoke Management Guide (PMS 420-2, NFES 1279)

You will be given a series of questions and you will need to contact your state(s) air quality authority, or refer to their website to gain information to answer the questions. Download and use the Word document below to answer your questions.

After you have completed your research and have recorded your answers on the Word document, attach the document to an email and submit your answers to your instructor or course coordinator.

RX-410 Pre-Course Work Questions (to download, select 'save' after clicking this link)

Reference Material
Smoke Management Guide (PMS 420-2, NFES 1279)

Technical Requirements
MS Word or MS Wordpad

Adobe Reader

Email program (Lotus Notes, Outlook, MSN, AOL, etc.)


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