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S-212 Wildland Fire Chain Saws Glossary of Terms
Pre-course work (2012)

Course Description

Welcome to the S-212, Wildland Fire Chain Saws Pre-Course assignment.

This pre-course work is a reading assignment that will prepare you for the course by introducing terms and concepts that will be further covered in the classroom training and field exercise.


Students will read about the terms and concepts introduced in the pre-course work.

Course Components and Hours to Complete

Course components

Hours to complete

Pre-selection assessment


Pre-course work


Online course module(s)


Instructor-led units (completed in a classroom)





1. Click the link below to open the S-212 Glossary of Terms. You will need to read through this prior to your course.

S-212 Chain Saw Training Glossary pre-course reading assignment
(to download, select 'save' after clicking this link)

2. Review this video which discusses recent events regarding refueling accidents. Reference to the video will need to be included in the course selection letter. Cadres should include a short discussion on the video during the course. The original video file can be viewed here: