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Course Updates

Course Updates are designed to inform course coordinators and instructors of new or changing information related to the NWCG curriculum.

These updates will fall into two categories. The first is a General Course Update which will apply to multiple courses or a large segment of the NWCG curriculum such as the removal of a reference document from the Products Management System (PMS). The second is a course specific update that only applies to specific elements of a course such as the instructor guide or the final exam.

All course updates are intended to enhance student learning and keep the content of the NWCG courses current. Course update information will be incorporated into the curriculum as courses are revised if it is still applicable.

General Course Updates

(D) Dispatch Courses

(FI) Fire Investigation Courses

(G) Gap Courses

(I) Incident Command Courses

(J) Job Aids

(L) Leadership Courses

(M) Management Courses

(O) Other Courses

(P) Prevention Courses

(RX) Prescribed Fire Courses

(S) Suppression Courses