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(S) Suppression Course Updates
S-290, Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior (Applies to 2007 Version)
The PowerPoint (PPT) and associated media files originally developed in PPT 97 are not compatible with PPT 2010. The presentations have been recreated in PPT 2010 and the media files have been embedded. The slides identified in the 6/2008 course update have been corrected in the PPT 2010 version. Some of the PowerPoints are very large files and will take a long time to download.

Unit 0
Unit 1
Unit 2
Unit 3
Unit 4
Unit 5
Unit 6- Part 1
Unit 6- Part 2
Unit 7
Unit 8
Unit 9
Unit 10
Unit 11
Unit 12- Part 1
Unit 12- Part 2


As per direction from the NWCG Training Working Team, instruction of the Fireline Assessment Method (FLAME) material in the S-290 course is optional. This portion does not need to be taught as part of the certified course. The course hours can be reduced by 4 hours if not using the FLAME material. The attached errata sheet (errata sheet - FLAME) provides direction for adapting the course content.

Several errors have been found in the S-290 course. Please update your course prior to teaching by replacing the following PPT slides, and editing the Pre-Qualifying Test and Final Exam questions.

PowerPoint Slides:
01-46-S290-EP (Unit 1, slide 46)
02-18-S290-EP (Unit 2, slide 18)
03-16-S290-EP (Unit 3, slide 16)
03-19-S290-EP (Unit 3, slide 19)
03-46-S290-EP (Unit 3, slide 46)
04-14-S290-EP (Unit 4, slide 14)
04-34-S290-EP (Unit 4, slide 34)
09-25-S290-EP (Unit 9, slide 25)
10-69-S290-EP (Unit 10, slide 69)

Pre-Qualifying Test:
Part 2, question 1
Remove Mark 3 from the question: change to - You are asked to prepare five gallons of mixed pump gas, the proper fuel mix is 32 to 1 (32:1) or 32x (times) the parts of gas to one part oil. How much 2 cycle oil (oz) is needed to prepare five gallons.

Part 5, question 4
The correct answer is: Large scale winds caused by high and low-pressure systems but generally influenced and modified in the lower atmosphere by terrain.

Final exam:
Question #10: add topographic maps as a possible answer.
Questions #17 & #57: these are the same question, give credit for #57 only.
Question #28: C is the correct answer.
Question #29: use the psychrometric table from a belt weather kit or replace the one in this test with the attached psychrometric table (S-290_psychrometric_table.pdf).
Questions #41 & #42: have students use the Fireline Handbook Appendix B to determine the fine dead fuel moisture.
Questions #62-66, replace the map on page D-41 with the attached map (S-290_Map_pD41.pdf). Question #56, the correct answer is D.