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(S) Suppression Course Updates
  • S-290, Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior (Applies to 2007 Version)
    As per direction from the NWCG Training Working Team, instruction of the Fireline Assessment Method (FLAME) material in the S-290 course is optional. This portion does not need to be taught as part of the certified course. The course hours can be reduced by 4 hours if not using the FLAME material. The attached errata sheet (errata sheet - FLAME) provides direction for adapting the course content.

    S-290, Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior (Applies to 2007 Version)
    Several errors have been found in the S-290 course. Please update your course prior to teaching by replacing the following PPT slides, and editing the Pre-Qualifying Test and Final Exam questions.

    PowerPoint Slides:
    01-46-S290-EP (Unit 1, slide 46)
    02-18-S290-EP (Unit 2, slide 18)
    03-16-S290-EP (Unit 3, slide 16)
    03-19-S290-EP (Unit 3, slide 19)
    03-46-S290-EP (Unit 3, slide 46)
    04-14-S290-EP (Unit 4, slide 14)
    04-34-S290-EP (Unit 4, slide 34)
    09-25-S290-EP (Unit 9, slide 25)
    10-69-S290-EP (Unit 10, slide 69)

    Pre-Qualifying Test:
    Part 2, question 1
    Remove Mark 3 from the question: change to - You are asked to prepare five gallons of mixed pump gas, the proper fuel mix is 32 to 1 (32:1) or 32x (times) the parts of gas to one part oil. How much 2 cycle oil (oz) is needed to prepare five gallons.

    Part 5, question 4
    The correct answer is: Large scale winds caused by high and low-pressure systems but generally influenced and modified in the lower atmosphere by terrain.

    Final exam:
    Question #10: add topographic maps as a possible answer.
    Questions #17 & #57: these are the same question, give credit for #57 only.
    Question #28: C is the correct answer.
    Question #29: use the psychrometric table from a belt weather kit or replace the one in this test with the attached psychrometric table (S-290_psychrometric_table.pdf).
    Questions #41 & #42: have students use the Fireline Handbook Appendix B to determine the fine dead fuel moisture.
    Questions #62-66, replace the map on page D-41 with the attached map (S-290_Map_pD41.pdf). Question #56, the correct answer is D.