M-581 Fire Program Management

National Advanced Fire and Resource Institute M-581 Fire Program Management Online Course Modules

Welcome to the NAFRI Online Course Modules (OCM) for the M-581 Fire Program Management Course! The purpose of the OCM portion is to introduce you to the key concepts of Fire Program Management, locate resources, and prepare you for the classroom portion. The OCM is self-paced and contains a job aid for you to print and complete as part of the training. The OCM lessons map directly to the units of the classroom section.

Select the “M-581 Guide to OCM Navigation” to learn more on how to use the OCM. Select the “NAFRI_M-581_Fire_Program_Mangemen_OCM_Job_Aid” to open and save this tool for use during the course. Then, starting with the Introduction lesson, select each lesson to complete the OCM.


Introduction » Open Lesson
Lesson 1B: - Safety » Open Lesson
Lesson 2A: - Enabling Laws and Authorities » Open Lesson
Lesson 3G: - Management Reviews and Investigations » Open Lesson
Lesson 4A: - Management Implications of Fire Weather, Fire Behavior, and National Fire Danger Rating » Open Lesson
Lesson 4C: - All Hazards Response Lesson » Open Lesson
Lesson 4D: - Aviation Management » Open Lesson
Lesson 4F: - Decision Support System » Open Lesson
Lesson 4H: - Emergency Stabilization and Rehabilitation » Open Lesson

Reference and Job Aid

M-581 Guide to OCM Navigation (PDF) » Open PDF
NAFRI M-581 Fire Program Mangement OCM Job Aid (RTF) » Open RTF